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JobJira simplifies the recruiting process for employers and recruiters. No more spending hours upon hours sifting through resumes to find the right candidates. With an innovative matching algorithm that matches your jobs to job seekers that fit your requirements, our platform leaves recruiters with a pool of only the most suitable candidates to select from.

In addition, with an in-built applicant tracking system (ATS) to assist recruiters with the management of applicant information and a chat feature that allows recruiters to speak directly with shortlisted candidates, JobJira is helping to improve the recruitment process for businesses all across Singapore!

How it works
For Recruiters / Employers

Create an account
  • Sign up via employer login.
  • Allow us time to verify your account details.
  • Receive an email upon successful account verification.
Job Ads
  • Create Job requirements for Ad.
  • Publish your job Ad.
  • Receive an email notification once job ads have been approved.
  • Manage job ads through employer panel.
Managing candidates
  • Receive applications from the right candidates, and be notified automatically via email.
  • Log in to JobJira's employer panel to review candidate's profile.
  • Use JobJira's ATS to organize & sort job applications.
  • Speak with shortlisted candidates using JobJira's in-app chat feature.

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