About Us

Welcome to JobJira, the app that is transforming the way recruiters and job seekers are matched. Simple and easy to use, JobJira is a powerful platform that helps recruiters connect the most suited candidates to positions that they need to fill, while at the same time helping job seekers find their dream job. Read on to find out why JobJira is becoming increasingly popular among employers and job seekers alike throughout Singapore!

Why JobJira?

  • It's convenient

    Anywhere, anytime. Rather than going through the hassle of finding a time and a place to sit down and apply for jobs, doing it via our innovative app means that those looking for work can truly apply for work on the go, wherever they are. All that is needed is a mobile device with the app installed!

    With the inbuilt chat feature of the app, employers can talk to job seekers to determine if they are a good fit for the role before bringing them in for an interview, ensuring that they are only spending time considering the best candidates for the role.

  • It's efficient

    Everybody's dream job is definitely out there. Yet with the endless amount of opportunities that are listed on job websites, sorting through them to find the right ones can be quite a challenging endeavor. JobJira solves this problem for job seekers by finding suited opportunities and delivering them straight to the phones of the user.

    For employers, JobJira provides peace of mind knowing that they will be receiving applications from those that are only truly interested and suited for the role advertised.

Join the movement

From large multinationals to small local businesses, organisations across multiple industries have been turning to JobJira in order to attract the best talent. Be a part of the future and join JobJira now.