A simple and straightforward platform

Think of it this way: Unlike a regular search app, JobJira acts as your own personal recruiter who is always looking out for you. Recruiters and job seekers love JobJira because it is a platform that is easy to use - not to mention being absolutely free! Follow the steps below to find out how JobJira works.

  1. Download JobJira to your mobile device for free
  2. Open the app and create a profile following the step by step candidate profiler
  3. Upload a photo of yourself (optional) and a short 30 second video (optional) to give recruiters a better understanding of who you are
  4. Wait for your dream job to appear!

When a job card appears on your home page, you have the option to apply for it by swiping right, skip it by swiping left or decide later by swiping upwards to bookmark it. Once you've been shortlisted by a company that you've applied for, you will have the ability to chat to the recruiters via the built in chat feature in JobJira.

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